20 Best Amazon PPC Software In Singapore

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Success on platforms like Amazon often hinges on effective advertising strategies. For sellers in Singapore, mastering Amazon’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is crucial to staying competitive and driving sales. Fortunately, the right Amazon PPC software can make all the difference.

In a market as dynamic as Singapore’s, where the e-commerce landscape constantly evolves, finding the right PPC software can be a game-changer for sellers. In this comprehensive listicle, we’ll explore the best Amazon PPC software in Singapore.

#1. Scale Insights Pte Ltd – Best Amazon PPC Software In Singapore

Image Credit: Scale Insights
Contact:Sales: training@scaleinsights.com
Customer support: training@scaleinsights.com
Price:78 USD – 688 USD per month
Key Features:AI Automation
Fully managed campaigns
Keyword campaigns
Placement algorithm
Dynamic bidding algorithm

Scale Insights Pte Ltd redefines campaign optimization and delivers unparalleled profitability with cutting-edge features and intelligent algorithms to deliver unparalleled profitability. 

Streamline your workflows and achieve unmatched success with Scale Insights’ automation features. Singapore Scale Insights stands out as the best Amazon PPC software in Singapore, taking your business to new heights of success.

#2. Sellozo

Image Credit: Sellozo
Contact:Demo on website
Price:Request for quote
Key Features:Ad automator
Campaign studio
Reporting and analytics
Performance marketing management

Sellozo delivers advanced functionalities like automated bidding, campaign management, and performance analytics as one of the leaders in Amazon PPC software in Singapore. 

Sellozo analyses crucial data to provide valuable insights and personalised recommendations using AI algorithms. This empowers sellers to refine targeting, optimise bids, and increase conversions. 

#3. Helium 10

Image Credit: Helium 10
Price:29 USD – 229 USD per month
Key Features:Insights & Recommendations
Advanced Brand Analytics
Monthly Expert Training
In-Person Workshops
Listing Optimization

Helium 10 is a premium Amazon PPC software in Singapore that seeks to maximise their advertising performance. Helium 10 provides a complete suite of tools for optimising campaigns, keyword research, and gaining a competitive edge. 

It thoroughly enhances visibility, boosts sales, and maximises profitability with product research and advanced listing optimization features. The intuitive interface and powerful analytics offer actionable insights, empowering sellers to make informed decisions and achieve remarkable results.

#4. PPC Ninja

Image Credit: PPC Ninja
Price:99 USD – 499 USD per month
Key Features:Daily bid optimization recommendations
Weekly new keyword recommendations
Automatic download of Search term reports
Multi-user support
Multi-market support

Recognized as one of the best Amazon PPC software in Singapore, PPC Ninja empowers you with a comprehensive suite of features to turbocharge your campaigns. PPC Ninja offers advanced bid optimization algorithms and in-depth analytics for exceptional advertising results. 

Gain valuable insights, track campaign metrics, and uncover growth opportunities. You’ll have more time for strategic decision-making with automation capabilities streamlining workflows.

#5. BidX

Image Credit: BidX
Price:149 EUR – 449 EUR per month
Key Features:Automated bid and keyword adjustments
KDP support
Keyword management
Chat and mail support
Strategy Proposals

Supercharge your Amazon PPC performance in Singapore with BidX! Their cutting-edge software revolutionises advertising campaigns, optimising bids and maximising ROI. Gain a competitive edge with advanced analytics and data-driven insights. 

Experience the power of BidX, the top Amazon PPC software in Singapore that drives targeted traffic and boosts sales and refines targeting strategies efficiently.

#6. Perpetua

Image Credit: Perpetua
Price:250 USD – 550 USD per month
Key Features:Amazon DSP managed service
Amazon marketing cloud
Video advertising
e-Commerce business intelligence
Influencer marketing

Perpetua is a leading Amazon PPC software that launched advertising campaigns in Singapore. Perpetua helps users achieve exceptional results in the competitive Amazon marketplace with advanced algorithms and machine learning. 

Perpetua provides transparency and control, offering full visibility into the impact of ad spend, empowering users to focus on what drives true incremental growth.

#7. Downstream

Image Credit: Downstream
Price:Request for quote
Key Features:Ad accelerator
Retail Insights
Marketing intelligence
Digital shelf analytics

Downstream, a leading Amazon PPC software in Singapore, provides sellers with a comprehensive set of tools to optimise advertising campaigns.Downstream unlocks the full potential of your advertising campaign on Amazon.

Explore the power of Cobalt – Exertis generated over 200 agency leads and HP saves you more than 10 hours per week on market research. 

#8. Ad Razor

Image Credit: Ad Razor
Contact:Contact on website
Price:125 USD – 195 USD per month
Key Features:Optimise Seller
Central Intuitive colour coding of ACOS Data
Automatic daily update of data from the Amazon API
Amazon Approved Bulk Upload File Creation
Product Level Analysis

Use AdRazor’s robust filtering to analyse your advertising data and discover the lucrative gems hidden within your campaigns. Quickly identify search terms that are too costly or generate zero sales, all within a timeframe of your choice.

Its comprehensive analytics provide valuable insights into campaign performance, allowing sellers in Singapore to refine their strategies for optimal results. 

#9. ManageByStats

Image Credit: ManageByStats
Price:15 USD – 59.97 USD
Key Features:Review automation
Decisions Dashboard
KPI Checklists
KPI Smart Notifications
KPI & Profit Dashboards

Optimise your Amazon PPC campaigns with ManageByStats. With advanced analytics, sales tracking, and inventory management, gain valuable insights, identify profitable keywords, and streamline operations for maximum profitability.

ManageByStats is the go-to choice for sellers in Singapore seeking the best Amazon PPC software in Singapore. With this intelligent software, sellers can navigate the intricacies of Amazon advertising with ease and achieve remarkable results.

#10.  Kinetic by Viral Launch

Image Credit: Viral Launch
Price:59 USD – 170 USD per month
Key Features:Keyword research
Product discovery
Market intelligence
Competitor intelligence
Listing Analyzer

Viral Launch is there to support sellers at every stage, from setting up an Amazon storefront and refining listings to managing PPC campaigns and cultivating reviews. With insights spanning over 225 million products, their robust data helps brands make informed decisions, anticipate trends, and stay ahead of the market. 

Sellers can count on Viral Launch’s proprietary ARCS algorithm for accurate, relevant, and dynamic information to ensure they surpass the competition.

#11. RepricerExpress

Image Credit: RepricerExpress
Price:64 GBP – 949 GBP per month
Key Features:API automated imports
API automated reports
Custom repricing reports
Profitability dashboard
Amazon Buy Box Predictor

RepricerExpress is an advanced Amazon PPC software designed to optimise prices for sellers in Singapore. It helps secure the Buy Box, automatically adjusts product prices, and enables intelligent repricing strategies. 

Effortlessly filter your competitors based on their fulfilment type, seller rating, seller feedback, shipping location, and dispatch time using real-time repricing capabilities and advanced algorithms.

#12. PPC Bee

Image Credit: PPC Bee
Price:Request for quote
Key Features:DSA and GMC Feed exports
Ad automation
Keyword generation
Campaign automation

Dominate the Amazon marketplace in Singapore with PPC Bee. Automate Amazon PPC campaign management with advanced analytics and targeting. Drive visibility, conversions, and outstanding results.

With users across 53 countries, Amazon PPC campaigns with advanced analytics and targeting. Join the community running  million ads and experience the seamless Bee, the best Amazon PPC software in Singapore.

#13. Data Hawk

Image Credit: DataHawk
Contact:Demo on website
Price:Request for quote
Key Features:Data analysis
Product optimization
Optimization insights and recommendation
Search performance management
Sales data monitoring and assessment

DataHawk is the next-gen eCommerce Analytics Platform empowering brands to boost sales and profitability on marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart. 

Gain insights, optimise bids, and stay ahead of market trends. Track metrics, monitor competition, and make informed decisions with an intuitive interface. Take your campaigns to new heights of success with DataHawk.

#14. Quartile

Image Credit: Quartile
Price:Request for quote
Key Features:Machine learning
Unified campaign reporting
Automated ads management
Dedicated customer service
Account integration

Quartile is the top Amazon PPC software in Singapore, offering advanced bid management, campaign optimization, and comprehensive analytics for exceptional results. With cutting-edge algorithms, Quartile drives targeted traffic, boosts sales, and maximises ROI. 

Leverage Quartile’s insights for data-driven decisions and optimise your Amazon PPC strategies with precision and effectiveness in just 48 hours.

#15. Kenshoo by Skai

Image Credit: Skai
Contact:Demo on website
Price:Request for quote
Key Features:Data connectivity
Omnichannel advertising
Budget Forecasting
Dynamic Marketing Mix
Strategic Consulting

Sk’s Kenshoo is the top Amazon PPC software in Singapore. It offers advanced features that optimise advertising performance. With state-of-the-art tech and AI-driven algorithms, Kenshoo provides valuable insights, data-backed recommendations, and an intuitive platform. 

Through strategic partnerships, the platform gains extra power with API hooks, data feeds, and relationships.

#16. AMZ Tracker

Image Credit: AMZ tracker
Contact:Contact on website
Price:50 USD – 400 USD per month
Key Features:On Page Analyzer
Sales Tracking
Super URLs
Rocket Reply-Email
Vipon Promotional Products

Thrive with Amazon’s A9 algorithm. Quickly reach first page rankings through promotions, conversion rate optimization, and competitor analysis with AMZ Tracker’s comprehensive software. 

Discover high-converting keywords, track product rankings, and analyse competitor trends – the ultimate solution for sellers seeking the best Amazon PPC software in Singapore.

#17. SellerApp

Image Credit: SellerApp
Price:Free – 49 USD per month
Key Features:PPC tools
Profit checker
Keyword explorer
Listing optimization
Keyword ranking tracker

Seller Appis a software designed for sellers in Singapore that helps discover profitable keywords, optimise bids, and track performance. It offers advanced tools for keyword research, bid management, and campaign analysis. 

Beyond that, SellerApp also provides a B2B solution to reach both retail customers and business buyers, expanding reach and maximising opportunities on Amazon.

#18. AdCore

Image Credit: AdCore
Price:33.99 USD per month
Key Features:Marketing analysis
Digital marketing automation
Marketing cloud

Supercharge your Amazon PPC campaigns with AdCore. The comprehensive software solution, recognised as the Microsoft Advertising Global Channel Partner of the Year 2023. 

They offer unrivalled control and precision in Singapore. Experience the power of AdCore, the leading Amazon PPC software that delivers outstanding results and fuels your business success in Singapore.

#19. PPC Entourage

Image Credit: PPC Entourage
Price:Request for quote
Key Features:Bulk campaign management
Ads automation
Ad management
Profit maximiser

Discover the power of PPC Entourage, a comprehensive Amazon PPC software for Singapore sellers. Get everything you need to run your PPC, including support for all Amazon ad types, customizable reporting, and multi-channel campaign templates. 

Maximise ad spend, enhance targeting, and boost sales with intuitive features like automated keyword harvesting and campaign performance monitoring.

#20. Jungle Scout 

Image Credit: Jungle Scout
Price:29 USD – 84 USD per month
Key Features:Advertising analytics
Keyword strategy
Inventory management
Listings optimisation
Finance insights

Our global team of 200+ Amazon experts proudly operates from Austin, Texas and Vancouver, British Columbia. Jungle Scout offers game-changing Amazon PPC software in Singapore too, with valuable market insights, competitor analysis, and keyword research capabilities. 

Sell smarter, scale faster, and achieve incredible e-commerce success with Jungle Scout—the best Amazon PPC software in Singapore.

Conclusion About The Best Amazon PPC Software In Singapore

When choosing the best Amazon PPC Software in Singapore, numerous advantages can make a significant impact. The right software can transform how sellers manage their advertising campaigns, offering a range of benefits that enhance their e-commerce journey.

Selecting the right Amazon PPC software in Singapore is a strategic move that brings remarkable advantages for sellers. 

Enhanced campaign optimisation, increased ROI, targeted traffic generation, and data-driven decision-making are vital benefits that pave the way for outstanding success in the competitive landscape of e-commerce on the Amazon platform. 

Note: For the latest and most recent updates on the above recommendations, refer to their respective website for the most accurate information.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Amazon PPC Software In Singapore

What Is Amazon PPC Software, And Why Do I Need It In Singapore?

Amazon PPC software is a tool designed to help sellers manage and optimise their advertising campaigns on the Amazon platform. You need it in Singapore to remain competitive and maximise your sales and product visibility.

What Features Should I Look For In The Best Amazon PPC Software In Singapore?

When choosing Amazon PPC software in Singapore, look for features like advanced bid management, campaign optimisation tools, comprehensive analytics, keyword research capabilities, and automation features to ensure effective campaign management.

Are There Budget-friendly Options For Amazon PPC Software In Singapore?

Yes, there are budget-friendly Amazon PPC software options available in Singapore. Many providers offer pricing plans that cater to sellers with various budget constraints while still delivering essential features.

Is Amazon PPC Software Suitable For Both Beginners And Experienced Sellers In Singapore?

Yes, Amazon PPC software is designed to be user-friendly and adaptable to sellers at all experience levels in Singapore. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced seller, you can find software solutions to meet your needs.

Can I Use Amazon PPC Software To Manage Multiple Campaigns And Products In Singapore?

Yes, the best Amazon PPC software options in Singapore are equipped to handle multiple campaigns and products, making it efficient for sellers with various listings to manage.

What Is The Pricing Structure For Amazon PPC Software In Singapore?

The pricing structure for Amazon PPC software in Singapore varies among providers. Some offer tiered pricing based on the number of campaigns or products you manage, while others may charge a flat monthly fee. It’s essential to compare pricing and features to find the best fit for your budget and needs in Singapore.


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